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Armed/Unarmed Security Training


Module 1:

Alaska Unarmed 8-Hour Pre-Assignment Training Course

This is an entry-level training course designed for new Security Guards seeking initial state licensure and employment with a Security Agency in the State of Alaska. We cover basic defensive tactics, handcuffing, use of batons, electrical weapons (Taser), and O.C. spray, along with state laws on private persons arrests.

*Module 2:

Alaska Armed Security 8-Hour Qualification Course

Building on the fundamentals of shooting, we cover simulation drills, positional shooting, combat mindset, situational awareness, state and federal laws, and range qualification. This course satisfies state requirements for licensing as an Armed Security Officer with a Security Agency in the State of Alaska.

*Module 3:

Advanced Tactical Shooting Qualification Course and Defensive Tactics

This course is designed for Law Enforcement, Executive Protection, Fugitive Recovery Specialists, and Security Professionals who work in high-risk environments. We cover Security Team tactics, room and building clearing, tactical shooting maneuvering, two and three gun transitions, clearing malfunctions and stoppages, engaging multiple threat targets, and shoot and move platforms.

*Note: Armed and advanced courses require a clean background check. We accept the following: Alaska State Troopers IPR (Interested Persons Report), current or honorably retired LEO or POST credentials, recent ATF 4473 Record of Firearm purchase, and/or a current CCW permit.

All security courses comply with 13 AAC 60.085 (2)-(3) and 60.100 (a)-(f).


$225 per course


$275 per course


$350 per course

Low Light Shooting!!

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